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Legal Communications Specialist

Rory's legal and media expertise dovetail to give him a unique insight into the field of legal communications.


He worked as communications manager for a large international law firm, with offices in London, Dublin, New York and Silicon Valley. He gained experience in all aspects of legal communications in the US, the UK, Ireland and Europe. He has drafted legislation for the Irish government. He has also written legal numerous legal articles on a wide range of topic. He works with a leading London specialist Legal PR agency.

He has drafted legal articles and commentary for clients which have appeared in the The Financial Times, The Times, Law Society Gazette, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The BBC and a wide range of other leading legal and business publications.

Explaining complex legal issues in clear, concise language is an art in itself. It makes for better legal advice. Lawyers should take pride in clarity. Too often, in the past, lawyers took pride in obfuscation. Hence the urban legend that lawyers are paid by the word. Clear writing reflects clear thinking, and clients appreciate it.


Thoughts on Legal Communications

Lawyers and communications experts often find themselves at loggerheads. A lawyer will want a published statement to be precise, safe and accurate. Conversely, a communications expert will want a satement to be as adventurous and media-friendly as possible. This oppositional dynamic often results in poor communications.


It is possible to write communications that are both legally precise and compelling. However, writing interesting, yet scrupulously accurate legal communications is not easy. It requires an understanding of both the intricacies of the law, and the appetites of the media.


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